We offer a very popular custom order service here at The Wedding Veil Shop. Using the tool below, you can get instant online quotations for most of our basic styles and edges, then once you've decided on your final design, you can order your veil and have it made to your exact requirements. It's that simple!

Please note that in order for this tool to give an accurate quote, it will wipe all other contents from your basket, so if ordering multiple items, please add the custom veil first!



You may have noticed a lot of lacey veils in our brides gallery, but that you can't actually select lace as an edge finish on our custom veil designer page. Well, that's simply because there are just too many gorgeous options when it comes to lace! We find it much better to sort them out via email/phone so we can really get a handle on what it is you're after.

Take this shimmering mantilla veil that we made for example. The lady that ordered it had seen another of our veils that only had lace at the bottom that was beaded, and she felt an unbeaded lace that went around the whole veil would better suit her dress. This was a great starting point, and so we sourced some unbeaded lace and sent her a sample of it along with our fabric swatches. She loved the lace sample and also fell in love with the shimmer fabric. In the end, she decided on a cathedral length (144") full lace mantilla/drop veil in ivory shimmer, and I think you'll agree the result is pretty amazing!

So, if you think you might want a lace veil too but aren't sure where to start, drop us an email today and we'll put our heads together to come up with something perfect just for you! Feel free to send us pictures of your dress, other laces you have seen and anything else you think might help! We're always happy to talk wedding veils...

Email to or call 01253 365740